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Plumbing & Piping

New buildings require the installation of every bit of plumbing and piping to ensure that they will be functional. This includes the piping responsible for water, gas, drainage, and more. If the piping is not installed correctly, there could be significant damage or loss of functionality in the future.


Water & Sewer

The water and sewer lines that exit the building must be properly installed to ensure the perfect functionality of items such as drains and toilets. Additionally, this ensures that sewer backups and dirty water are not found in the building.


Shut-Off Valves

For every toilet, sink, and shower, there must be a shut-off valve to help gauge water pressure and prevent serious emergencies such as water leaks. They can also be turned off when people leave for vacation or when the units are vacant for long periods of time ensuring that there are no issues or wasted running water.



Finally, the fixtures in every room must be installed. The faucets in all the bathrooms along with showerheads and toilets must be put in place before the building is finished so that a building inspector can check them during the inspection.


Backflow testing, installation and repairs

If you have a new backflow device to be installed, repaired or inspected you can contact Marina Plumbing Company and schedule a date and time. All backflow device testing is done by our licensed and certified backflow tester here in the Bay Area.

Work With Our Professional Plumbing Crew

With the help of a professional plumbing crew, all of these items can be taken care of before a building or home is completed. Professional plumbing work makes the building more comfortable and safe for everyone inside. Our expert staff has experience in these new construction jobs and can easily perform all of the services you need in no time!

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