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For the last 10 years, Marina Plumbing Company has provided quality plumbing services to the Bay Area. Owner, Daniel L. Marks has built the company's reputation on quality and cost-effective work. We have experience in tenant finish and new builds. We do restaurants, retail stores, ground up buildings and light industrial plumbing. We believe in providing a quality job with quality materials. We don't cut corners to make a few extra dollars. We bid to do the job right and give our customers what they pay for. Most of our projects are from contractors we have built relationships with. They know we will do the job right and be team players so the job runs smoothly.

Why Marina Plumbing Company?

At Marina Plumbing Company, we have based our business on a few basic but proven attributes. We provide our customers with quality workmanship while safely keeping projects on time and on budget. We understand the importance of our customers.

They are the reason we are in business. We take the time to give each customer the individual service they need. In today's competitive marketplace, this is what sets Marina Plumbing Company apart from the rest of the competition. We look forward to helping you with your plumbing projects. All out work is guaranteed!

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Commercial & Residential Plumbing & Construction

Marina Plumbing Specializes in Plumbing and Construction in
Residential, Multi-Family and Commercial/Industrial Construction Projects

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New multi-family residential and apartments


Single-Family, Custom Homes and Townhomes


Commercial and Multi-Residential renovations



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